About me, the book, and what readers will learn from the story.

I started my writing journey after I graduated high school. But it wasn’t until 2012 I started to take it seriously. The reason I write is that I’m easily bored, and I’m uninterested in things that are happening externally most of the time. I’m very imaginative and creative in my mind. The only way I know to bring my imagination and creativity to life is through writing. I write to deal with stress mostly. I play a few instruments to keep myself engaged when I’m not writing. Those are the things that I do on my days off. I have a lot of interest in religion, the Torah in particular. Of course, fiction writing is where my writing journey began, and I do it for entertainment. I have a blog page, you can check it out at 4realtalk.blog and my author page at roselainejoseph.com. Even though most of my genre is fiction,  ten or more of the percentage of the stories are based on real-life events. I don’t want to just write a story. I want to connect with other people. I write stories that I feel people can relate to and things that we deal with daily.

For instance, in Indefensible, the protagonist, Michael, and his buddies, the brotherly love that they have for each other is something that I’ve seen in the church I attended back in the day amongst the men. I knew many guys who used to date girls from outside the church like Michael and Meghan characters. There was always a conflict between them, and the relationship doesn’t last. River’s character, for example, started looking into her history, leaving the church and her FBI position to become self-employed just to keep the Torah. I and many others that I have known took that same journey.

I knew a few girls like the character of River, who had done some shameful things while they were young. Yes, some individuals use their past against them for their propaganda. I had to make the story feel realistic, particularly with the language and other aspects. I know some Christians will have a problem with that, but it is reality. The lesson in the story is that one must be very careful whom one lets in their circle. Always trust your instinct. When choosing your life partner, you can’t be unequally yoked. Otherwise, the relationship will not last. Don’t be quick to judge someone without giving them a chance to prove otherwise. Lastly, when it comes to religion, one must look at every aspect of it with scrutiny. Just because someone has many degrees and a big title doesn’t mean that the individual has wisdom and understanding. I hope readers will give my book a chance and read the entire story before judging it. My writing style is a little bit different from most books. I do so because I want the story to be easy to read and for the reader to be able to follow through without any difficulties. With that said, I’m looking forward to hearing from all my readers. Enjoy the read!

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