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My name is Roselaine Joseph, and I would like to welcome you to my Fantasy book world. I spent years going to school collecting degrees and certificates that I had no passion for doing. Many of us are taught to go to college to earn a degree which results in a waste of time. In most cases, we rarely work in the field of our study. As I grew older, I realized that success is not in the number of degrees you collect, but it takes skills and what you are passionate about. It took me a while to realize that writing is what I love, and it’s my passion. I find great joy in writing, and it is the best way for me to release some stress. In my early year of writing, I had a lot of struggles mainly because it was so hard to get a publisher to accept my work. I thought I was the only one. I started reading other authors’ blogs, and their stories were quite similar to mine. I realized that I wasn’t alone. I took a step back for a couple of years, and now I’m back to doing what I love. I created a blog page discussing religious subjects, and I love it. I’m also writing fiction stories because it is where my writing journey started. My goal as a writer is to get each reader on the edge of their seat and feel excited and wanting more. My dream is to go into history as one of the greatest writers in the world. I do hope that you enjoy the reading.

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